Thursday, September 18, 2008

Global Affairs Monitor

Hi readers...I'm assuming that most people who visit this blog are interested in global affairs in one way or another. So wanted to introduce you to resource offered by World Savvy that might be of interest to you. This Spring we launched the Global Affairs Monitor, an online current affairs service which examines one global issue/region in depth per month. Each edition provides a synopsis of the issue or region, incorporating perspectives from more than 100 sources -- periodicals, websites, video, news, radio, and books. We also provide a Classroom Companion and Global Affairs Salon Guide to facilitate discussion in schools and living rooms throughout the community. All documents are archived, and updates are provided for each edition so that subscribers can follow future developments.

The Global Affairs Monitor is designed for teachers, but is a valuable service for the curious global citizen and educator in all of us, and should inspire conversation with peers, colleagues, families and friends. This is a tool to digest world news in a 24-news cycle, when staying informed and accessing multiple viewpoints can be challenging.

As an individual or school subscriber, you'll have access to nine editions online (August -November, January-June), the Global Affairs Salon Guide and Classroom Companion, and archived editions from previous months. Subscription rates are as follows:

Individuals/annual: $75 per year

Schools: $750/year (for up to 100 licenses)

You can preview the first two editions for free at, examining Sudan and the Crisis in Darfur (May) and China: the Promise and Challenge of an Emerging Superpower (June), and subscribe for your annual membership today.

I hope you don't mind the plug, but I thought readers of this blog would find it quite relevant and interesting. Enjoy!