Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Secret Ballot

Often when someone asks me who I voted for I say, "None of your business." I truly believe in the secret ballot yet with this election I find myself asking people who they are voting for and am regretting it later. I regret it because I find myself judging them.

Once the nominees were narrowed down to Obama and McCain my parents were hassled by both me and my brother to vote for one or the other. I was putting the Obama pressure on while my brother was canvassing for McCain. My mother felt most of the pressure since she was more undecided than my father and yesterday when I asked who she voted for she refused to answer, yet I continued to prod with psychological games. I blatantly disrespected her right to choose. Even now I am assuming she voted for McCain because she won't tell me.

To think she voted for McCain angers me for no good rational reason. My mother isn't the only person in my life who I have reason to believe voted for McCain and it all because I've asked that damn question, "Who did you vote for?" So, to save myself some anger and to practice a little patience I am vowing not to ask anyone else this question!

In the the end this will probably make me a more peaceful person. :)


Prince Gomolvilas said...

My mom WAS going to vote for McCain, but now she's voting for neither McCain nor Obama. She inexplicably is voting for Nader. But fine. We're meeting halfway, and, with her, that's good enough for me.

Diana said...

I can appreciate the fact that your liberal outreach techniques are better than mine by preventing your mom from voting for McCain - but was she voting what she believed in or was she voting a way to appease you?